In 1984-89 John was the president of the North American OFM Justice and Peace Council, developing an immersion program for friars from Canada and the USA to visit communities in Central America. He was a member of the Boards of Directors for the Nevada Desert Experience, Franciscans Network and Franciscans International. Called to Rome in 1988, John was the international coordinator for the efforts of the Franciscan Friars (OFM) in the areas of justice, peace-making and care for creation. During his tenure in Rome he traveled extensively throughout the developing world and in the 1990’s was deeply involved in Franciscan peace efforts during the war in Bosnia/Herzegovina.

From Rome, in 1998, he moved to Geneva, Switzerland, as director of Franciscans International, a non-governmental organization at the United Nations and for ten years coordinated Franciscan work to promote and protect human rights by bringing testimony from grass roots sources into the discussions of the UN committees and Council on Human Rights in Geneva. 1n 2009 he established and coordinated of the desk for Climate Change for Caritas Internationalis (Rome).

Justice Work

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About John Quigley

John Quigley, a Franciscan Friar and priest, is an accomplished public speaker and a talented artist. He is a member of the Province of St. John the Baptist (Cincinnati, Ohio) of the Order of Friars Minor and citizen of Canada. He began his pastoral and preaching ministry in 1974 as co-leader with Richard Rohr of the New Jerusalem Community in Cincinnati.
In 1979-81, John studied the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius with the Jesuits at Milford, Ohio. Called to Rome in 1988 he was the international coordinator for the efforts of the Franciscan Friars (OFM) in the areas of justice, peace making and care for creation. From there in 1998 he went to Geneva, Switzerland as the Director of Franciscans International a Non-Governmental Organization at the United Nations, where for ten years John coordinated work for the promotion and protection of human rights. Today, he leads retreats on various topics, pilgrimages to Ireland and Rome, as well as guided painting workshop retreats. He continues to paint when time allows.