Fr. John Quigley and I worked together in the pastoring of the New Jerusalem Community for eight years and we largely think and operate in a very similar way—but he also has 20 years of European, United Nations and International work added onto that! You will not be disappointed in his theology, his spiritually or his excellent sense of purpose. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM. Director. Center for Action and Contemplation Albuquerque, NM


I have known John Quigley for many years as a charismatic retreat leader whose Franciscan spirituality has inspired many retreatants who visit Living Waters Reflection Center. In addition to his spiritual world vision, he speaks a spirituality that is genuine, knowledgeable, passionate and compelling.

Sister Fran Grady, SCL, Director. Living Waters Reflection Center Maggie Valley, NC

In 2010, Fr. John Quigley preached a week-long retreat to about 25 of our most senior and infirm Sisters. As he developed the theme ‘Jesus as the Evolving Image of God,’ other Sisters in the city welcomed the opportunity to hear him speak. Our Sisters had been experiencing significant turmoil due to an upcoming move from our own care to public facilities. John’s focus on Jesus as the revelation of God in our personal histories helped them to accept these impending changes with their own personal response to the Divine. John was also available to meet individually with many of the Sisters and most did — some more than once. Many commented that, “This is one of the best retreats I’ve attended in a long time.

Sister Marie Zarowny, SSA, Province Leader. Victoria, BC. CANADA